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We never forget that our clients are people with unique emotions and values. law X design keeps you involved and personally guides you in making important decisions, like a good member of your team. 

Growing and managing a business means taking on all responsibilities.  If there's something you can offload first, hire a professional attorney to advocate for you and protect your brand.


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law X design represents clients in the creative arts space in virtually any kind of deal, including employment agreements. We excel at building consensus with the other side while advocating for our clients and making sure they are informed of the risks and rewards of each contract they sign.


We handle all kinds of business matters, from payment collection to trademark protection. From consultations on cannabis dispensaries to negotiating office lease agreements, our goal is to know the legal impacts to your business so that you can manage risk, grow and profit.

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law X design works with clients to identify and resolve a wide range of legal issues, from business entity formation to marketing materials to brand protection, so that you can grow your product or service with confidence.


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